Arnold van Klinken
Arnold van Klinken
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It was somewhere in the early 90’s, when the shiny CD’s cased in transparent polystyrene replaced the cardboard wrapped vinyl in record stores. Everyone got a CD player and made the switch.  Everyone but clubs. It would take another decade for clubs to even think about making the switch. This is when Arnold started his DJ career. Collaborating with and learning from established DJ like Dennis the Menace, Roog and Erick E. CD’s or digital never really replaced Vinyl for Arnold. He was one of the first who would try a Digital Vinyl System in a club environment. He currently plays a mix of vinyl and digital using club standard equipment. Have a look on his mixcloud and hear what that sounds like.

Arnold has worked with:

Joop van den Ende Theaterproducties
Stage Entertainment
and many more.

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