Arnold van Klinken
Arnold van Klinken
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Arnold was born in 1978 and grew up in Heiloo, a town located in the municipality of Alkmaar, Netherlands. This is where he quickly developed a growing interest for music and technology. As a kid he would use computers to program software and video games, make music or be creative in other ways. In his teens, he began DJ’ing small private parties and eventually started working as a DJ in a club in Woerden, near the city of Utrecht. He landed a job as a computer programmer for a direct marketing firm and in 2004 he switched it around and made DJ’ing his professional career. Programming and web development turned into a hobby. As a DJ he worked all over Europe, covering millions of miles and worked for prominent clients. In 2015 he switched it around again and started working professionally as a webdeveloper and turned DJ’ing into a hobby once again.

A passion for music &
web development

So here we are. Its 2021 and the end is in sight of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’re looking at Arnold’s personal website developed on a clean wordpress environment using a custom template with the help of bootstrap and no third party plugins. Interested in his skills as a DJ or a Webdeveloper? You can contact him straight away on the contact page.